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Chief Herman'S Holiday Fun Pack


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  • lego), construction paper, chess set, 3-minute timer, bowl of candy, 2 coloured pencils, score pad
  • Chief Herman's Holiday Fun Pack contains more than thirty games previously published by James Ernest and Cheapass Games, as well as an essay and game bibliography.

    6 Dice-Coin Games: Bogart; Crash; Flip; Dogfight; Pennywise; Road Trip
    6 Card Games: Spots; El Paso; Hey, Bartender!; Following Suit; Last Man Standing; Brain Baseball
    3 Bluffing Games: Big Dumb Five; The Lost Pueblo of Doctor Green; Candy
    4 Board Games (with 3 Boards): Galaxy; The Celebrated Jumping Frog Game; Stumpy the Cave Boy; Tishai
    3 Paper and Pencil Games: Strange Words; WoRDWeRX; Divide and Conquer
    2 Group Games: The Con Game; Love and Marriage
    9 Poker Variants: Rosencrantz and Guildenstern; Suck; Girl's Best Friend; Countdown; How Stupid Are You?; Night Baseball of the Living Dead; Frankenstein; Rescue 9-1-1 with Media Crew; River of Blood; The Order of Poker Hands

    The rules booklet also includes :

    Keeping it Simple (a game design article by James Ernest)
    Ludography (a list of games designed by James Ernest)

    To play all of the games you will need to provide the following components yourself (but not all at once) :

    5 x 4-sided dice, 12 x 6-sided dice, 9 x 8-sided dice, handful of coins, 72 coloured counters, deck of cards with jokers, 360 poker chips, 500 index cards, 10 player pawns, 1 master pawn, assorted buildign block sets (e.g

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