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Chronicles Of Skin Card Game


Product Description

  • Chronicles of Skin is a game of scribbling and storytelling.

    It's for 3-5 players, takes 90 minutes to play and fits in your pocket.

    Explore heroes, villains and tragic war in a world apart from your everyday norm!

    In every game you will be an Artist, an Other and a Scribe
  • Which cultures survives? That's up to you.

  • Using cards and a pencil, you and your friends will tell a story, recording it on paper with doodles and glyphs
  • From these flags you determine the beliefs, laws and idiosyncrasies of their people: the traits that will sculpt the story of your war.

    You will introduce characters from both cultures and bring them to the brink of extinction
  • As an Artist you will doodle the events of your story.

    As an Other you will create characters for the story and guide them to their fate.

    As a Scribe you will invent locations and set up the world at war.

    When play begins, you will interpret symbols from the deck
  • These symbols are doodled onto a flag, to represent the emblem of a warring culture

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