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Chuut Anti Snoring Device

Product Description

There are 15 Million snorers suffering in the UK. Many are spending hundreds of pounds every year on ineffective treatments. Chuut fits between the teeth and the inner lips and prevents the jaw moving back, gently training the snorer to breathe through the nose and eliminate snoring. Depending on the individual, it can only take several minutes or up to 3 nights to get used to the device.

It is indicated for regular or occasional snoring, as well as for those suffering from sleep apnoea.

It can be cleaned using disinfecting tablets suitable for orthodontic appliances - one is included in the pack.

  • CE marked device
  • Non Chemical
  • Light weight and soft
  • Less restrictive than other treatments and more comfortable
  • 2 in a pack gives up to 1 year snoring treatment

Mouth guards and similar devices can be uncomfortable to wear and usually are very bulky, often locking the lower jaw. Chuut is soft, thin and very comfortable to wear and is less restrictive for the user.

In user tests out of 120 people tested 51 people (42.5%) said that they were very satisfied, 59 people (49%) said that they were satisfied and only 10 (8%) people said that they were not satisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Should I fall asleep with the Chuut in my mouth? Yes you should do. To get used to the Chuut try it for a few minutes during the day
2. Any risk of swallowing it? The Chuut conforms to all safety test thus there is no danger of swallowing the device
3. What is it made from? Chuut is an Hypo Allergenic silicon which is approved by the US FDA
4. Do I keep the Chuut in all night? Yes the Chuut is to be kept in overnight. It may take up to 3 nights to get used to wearing it while sleeping

Manufacturer Cautions - do not use in the following situations:

  • you have a known allergy to silicone
  • your nasal airway is blocked making it difficult to breathe through the nose
  • you suffer from a chronic cough, especially smokers' cough
  • you have mouth lesions, gingivitis or aphthous ulcer
  • you suffer from mental disorders or dementia
  • your dentist advises against using the device due to arrangement of the teeth

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