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Circulation Pro - Boosts Blood Professional Circulation Massager

  • Circulation Pro - Boosts Blood Professional Circulation Massager

Product Description

What is Circulation Pro?
\r\nCirculation Pro is a unique Calf Pump System and Electro foot plate Stimulator developed to help stimulate and boost the Blood Circulation in the Legs, Feet & Ankles.
\r\nIt’s the only Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) medical device that promotes the full walking motion; the most important movement is the heel rise motion that stimulates the Calf Muscle Pump (CMP) therefore helping to stimulate blood flow. This motion is vital for the optimisation of the CMP’s function, the heel rise motion contracts the CMP which squeezes the veins and starts to push the venous blood back to the heart.
\r\nPack Includes:
\r\nRemote control with battery
\r\nConductive Gel (85g)
\r\n2 x Pairs Electrode Pads
\r\n2 x Connecting Cables
\r\n1 x Power Adaptor
\r\n1 x User Manual
\r\nHow to use Circulation Pro:
\r\nCirculation Pro can be used in the comfort of your own home, just sit back, relax and put your feet on foot peddles
\r\nUse the wireless remote control to adjust the settings and to control the level of intensity required for each treatment session
\r\nCan be plugged into a socket or use x4 C batteries, carry on your treatment when you need it most.
\r\nCirculation Pro has 15 therapeutic modes which automatically cycle through your treatment, every minute the mode will change.
\r\nHow is Circulation Pro different to other circulation booster devices?
\r\nThe main difference are the independent foot pedals, these ensure you can start gently and effectively improving your circulation through calf pump exercise within minutes of using the Circulation Pro.
\r\nJust using the calf pump foot rocking pedals alone for 10 minutes a day can stimulate an increase in your blood flow. If you combine the EMS stimulation from the electrical conductive foot plates with the foot pedal rocking you will certainly go a long way to start improving circulation, reduce swelling in the ankles and feet as well as having that feeling of healthier and more energised legs.
\r\nWe recommend that you seek medical guidance before using Circulation Pro if you have the following conditions:
\r\nHeart disease or cardiac dysfunction
\r\nHigh fever/Infectious disease
\r\nMalignant tumour
\r\nAbnormal blood pressure
\r\nSkin problems or skin sensory disorders
\r\nWhen not to use Circulation Pro - if you have:
\r\ncardiac pacemaker
\r\nImplanted defibrillator
\r\nAny other implanted metallic or electronic device
\r\nElectronic life support equipment
\r\nElectronic medical devices attached to the body, e.g. electrocardiograph
\r\nExisting Deep Vein Thrombosis (“DVT”), to avoid any possibility of mobilising the clot.

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