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CLEA11383 Clearspring

Clearspring Instant White Miso Soup with Tofu - Pack of 10 x 8g

by Clearspring
  • Miso is a flavourful Japanese soya food that makes a rich, satisfying soup
  • Clearspring Instant White Miso Soup with Tofu
  • This mellow white tasting miso soup is made to a traditional Japanese recipe
  • White miso base with tofu and spring onions.
  • Expected Despatch By 06/12/2016


Product Description

    • All dark varieties of Clearspring miso are made using cereal grains and whole soya beans, so the nutrition of these whole foods is fully available in the finished miso.

      Production of miso begins by cooking soya beans and combining them with koji (grains or soya beans inoculated with Aspergillus oryzae mould spores), salt and water
    • Health Benefits of Miso

      Miso is a nourishing, high energy whole food that can help maintain health and vitality
    • Starting the day with miso soup is said to alkalise the body and help neutralise the acidity caused by the over consumption of meat, sugar and alcohol
    • New research is also beginning to suggest that some friendly bacteria strains may combat more serious diseases such as coronary heart disease and cancer.

      Miso as a health protector
      John and Jan Belleme, who are authors of The Miso Book and have been researching miso for twenty five years, say that using miso regularly is the best health insurance you can have
    • Recently, some scientific studies have shown that miso really is effective against atomic radiation, heavy metal poisoning, cardiovascular disease, many forms of cancer, strokes, high blood pressure, chronic pain, and food allergies
    • Without a doubt, miso is a culinary treasure - the world's most medicinal everyday food.

      In some parts of China and Japan drinking miso soup every day is still associated with a long, healthy life
    • Much more than a proverbial 'apple a day', a daily bowl of miso will not only keep the doctor away, it will add vitality to your life
    • This mixture is then fermented and aged over several months in large cedarwood kegs
    • Miso was touted for centuries as a folk remedy for cancer, weak digestion, tobacco poisoning, low libido, and several types of intestinal infections
    • Over time, the enzymes from the koji, along with naturally occurring yeasts and bacteria, gradually break down the complex grains and beans into readily digestible amino acids, fatty acids and simple sugars, making miso an excellent food for strengthening digestion.

      Friendly bacteria
      The same enzymes that help with fermentation during the making of miso can also help with digestion of a meal that includes miso, and can even destroy substances in food that cause food allergies.

      Miso also acts like a digestive tonic, and once established in the intestine, the acid-loving bacteria found in abundance in unpasteurised miso promote health and stamina.

      Beneficial bacteria found in the small intestine are also effective in fighting conditions such as constipation, yeast infections (candidiasis), and lactose intolerance


  • Freeze-dried miso (whole soya beans, rice, sea salt) (89%), dried green onion, freeze-dried tofu (soya beans, kuzu, nigari {coagulant}) (4%)


  • Clearspring Brand Promise: Organic/premium quality Japanese and European foods skillfully prepared by artisan and professional producers. Prepared according to authentic, traditional recipes and our own original recipes developed for present day market needs. 100% vegetarian/vegan foods and ingredients. Wholesome, easy-to-prepare, great tasting daily foods for optimum nutrition. No artificial additives, MSG, colourings, preservatives or refined sugars. Ethically sourced foods which support producer communities. Made using environmentally sustainable and non-GM ingredients. Good foods to be enjoyed globally.

About Brand

  • The Clearspring goal is to get organic food back on the dining table, so that you can enjoy the same quality of foods as your grandparents did. By developing the demand for organic foods and encouraging the cultivation of organic crops by farmers today, we can ensure that your grandchildren, too, can enjoy the great taste of good food.? You will find that each of our food products has a distinct flavour and quality that comes from using the finest quality ingredients and respecting local food traditions.


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