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Clearspring Organic Tunisian Extra Olive Oil - 2000ml

  • Grown and hand-picked to traditional methods in the mountainous Zaghouan region of Tunisia, the olives in Clearspring Organic Tunisian Extra Virgin Olive Oil have a mild and delicious flavour
  • Clearspring Organic Tunisian Extra Olive Oil


Product Description

  • Today Tunisia has the second largest collection of olive groves in the world after Spain, so olives form a significant part of their cuisine
  • We have chosen an exceptional quality of oil which can even be used for deep-frying
  • Clearspring Tunisian Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced near the town El Fahs in the Zaghouan region of northern Tunisia
  • Alternatively use it to deep-fry falafel and serve them with hummus, pita bread and carrot and orange salad.
  • The fatty acid profile of this oil is quite special and makes it suitable for cooking at high temperatures as much as for drizzling over your favourite dishes.

    Olive cultivation in Tunisia dates back as far as the 8th century BC when the Romans introduced it; since that time the olive has become an integral part of Tunisian culture with both culinary and cosmetic uses
  • It is high in anti-oxidants and rich in omega 6 and 9.

    How to use
    Clearspring Tunisian Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a mild flavour which is ideal for making North African and Middle Eastern dishes
  • It also tastes great served simply with warm bread and dukka – an Egyptian nut or used on Tunisian grilled vegetables
  • Try drizzling it over a butternut squash and spinach tagine, or add it to hummus for a smooth finish


Olives* (100%) * Organically grown.

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