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Clement Clarke A2A Spacer Inhaler Chamber

  • Clement Clarke A2A Spacer Inhaler Chamber

Product Description

The A2A Spacer is a pocket sized, valved holding chamber; and is collapsible for improved portability. A2A Spacer is made from anti-microbial, low-static, transparent plastic for improved hygiene; designed for single patient use. When open A2A has a volume of 210ml, but when closed it is highly portable.
\r\nProduct Features and Benefits
\r\nCollapsible, pocket sized
\r\nEasy to clean
\r\nInhibits microbial growth
\r\nLow-static properties - ensures that essential medication does not stick to the chamber
\r\nVisible valve movement - encourages correct usage
\r\nPlease note: mask is an optional accessory and is not included in standard pack

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