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Clement Clarke AirMed Travel-Air Portable Compressor Nebuliser

  • Clement Clarke AirMed Travel-Air Portable Compressor Nebuliser

Product Description

A portable compact compressor, designed to efficiently deliver prescribed medication to the bronchial lung passages. Lightweight design makes the Travel-Air nebuliser ideal for portable use.
\r\nComes complete with a starter pack and universal AC adapter ready for immediate use
\r\nIncludes rechargeable battery and travel bag
\r\nCan be used with mains, as well as being battery operated
\r\nSimple one button operation
\r\nOptional accessory car adapter (available from stock)
\r\nAdditional rechargeable batteries can also be purchased
\r\nSuitable for worldwide use
\r\n2 year guarantee (excludes accidental damage)
\r\nStarter Pack Contents:
\r\n1 x Adult Facemask
\r\n1 x Child Facemask
\r\n1 x Driveline
\r\n1 x Mouthpiece
\r\n1 x Neb (medication) cup
\r\n5 x Inlet filters
\r\n1 x Rechargeable battery
\r\nTechnical Specification:
\r\nWeighs only 395g without battery and 712g with battery
\r\nDimensions: 106 x 66 x 128m (without battery), 106 x 66 x 166mm (with battery)
\r\nRespirable output MMAD 4 microns
\r\nOperates from 100-240v mains 50/60Hz with mains connection
\r\nBattery operation time – 45 minutes (min.)
\r\nAverage nebulisation rate 0.2ml/min
\r\nLitre flow range – 5.0-6.7L/min
\r\nNebulises 2.5ml in 12.5 minutes

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