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Clevamama Oven Door Protector

  • The Clevamama oven door guard helps prevent burns and scalds to little hands from hot oven doors. This heat resistant clear screen will drop the heat on the surface of your oven door by up to 50%. ++Oven Door Protector ++Safety Guard ++Safety Guards ++Safety Products ++Home Safety Products

Product Description

Most oven doors are reflective and just the perfect height for infants to admire themselves. However, by using the Clevamama™ Transparent Oven Door Guard, the heat on the surface of the oven door can be reduced by up to 50%, helping to prevent serious burns and scalds to the secret admirers.

The transparent material will not inhibit your ability to look into your oven and the smooth surface makes it easy to clean. An essential safety item for every home. Moulded from a heat-resistant polycarbonate plastic, the Clevamama™ Transparent Oven Door Guard will fix to a metal or glass oven door.

Whilst accident rates are falling, 2.000 children are still admitted to hospital every week, let us help get that figure down!


Clevamama™ products are pioneering, practical and well-designed baby care to make the experience of caring for infants and young children easier, safer and healthier. At Clevamama™ it's our job to work smarter to make parents life that bit easier. Ok let's face it we all have what we call a "junk cupboard" in our kitchen, whether it's full of broken pens, batteries, string, lids or that fabulous must have life changing kitchen utensil that never sees the light of day. Yes this cupboard lives in all our homes however here at Clevamama™ we do things different. It's our promise that nothing from our range will ever end up in your junk cupboard.

Not only is it our thorough and constant commitment to research that ensures we herald through innovation but it's our partnership with world renowned leaders including Trinity College Dublin and Enterprise Ireland that provides us with a solid foundation.

Our foundation is four simple words and is applied to everything we touch - 3PW
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