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Coco Hydro Lemon Lime - 15x22g

  • Dehydrated at source so we're not shipping water around the world, Coco Hydro® is coconut water on-demand

Product Description

Coco Hydro® is that super nutritious 3% which means it is naturally high in all kinds of great nutrients – five essential electrolytes as well as vitamins and minerals •AT A GLANCE -Vegan, NON-GMO and gluten-free -Grab and go portability -Sustainably sourced and shipped -Naturally occurring essential electrolytes -Nutrients of 25 coconuts per pouch (275g) -Nutrients of 2 coconuts per sachet (22g) Aren’t you tired of lugging around all that heavy coconut water yet? Well you should be because only 3%, of what’s in it is nutritious and the rest is just plain water •Coco Hydro is a healthy soft drink alternative and a healthy energy drink alternative, too. GOOD TO KNOW One pouch = approx •population consumes 1,500 plastic bottles per SECOND •That’s 50 billion a year and 80% end up in landfills, even with recycling programs. Coco Hydro is best used as a drink mix. ADDITIONAL USES Simply blend with water to taste Great in smoothies Packed in gym bag for truly portable hydration Mixed in recovery drinks or smoothies for extra efficacy •1½ gallons of electrolyte-filled beverage! One packet = 1 bottle of coconut water. By replacing just two bottled drinks per week with Coco Hydro you’ll save 104 plastic or glass bottles per year! The U.S •Great for the gym, camping, kid’s events, at work, in your travel bag and in smoothies – the possibilities are endless


-Coconut water powder -Tapioca dextrose -Sea salt -Ionic trace minerals -Ascorbic acid -Citric acid -Natural flavor and vegetable based coloring in flavored skus

Nutrition Information

Calories 80 Total Fat 0 Sodium 7% Potassium 14% Carbohydrate 7% Sugar 16g Protein 0g Vitamin C 210% Calcium 6% Magnesium 25% Manganese 15% Zinc 4%


Just mix with water for Coconut Water anytime, anywhere.

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