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FIBL10014 Cocofina

Cocofina Coconut Water - Pack of 12 x 500ml

by Cocofina
  • Cocofina coconut juice also known as coconut water is the clear liquid that is found inside the young green coconuts

Selected Size: Pack of 12 x 500ml

  • Expected Despatch By 08/12/2016


Product Description

    • Cocofina coconut water is ideal as a sports rehydration drink since its naturally isotonic and contains potassium and sodium salts that you normally loose during exercise
    • It contains twice as much potassium as a banana and is loaded with vitamins and minerals
    • Young green coconuts are harvested at their water ready peak (around 7 months) and bottled at source at various locations depending on the season
    • Great as a sports drinks or for people with busy life styles!


  • OFFICIAL RECOGNITION Recently we were very excited to win gold in the Soft Drink category at the Excellence In Food And Drink Awards! The Judges said... "Arresting taste - it grows on you." "People who want healthy food and drink will go for this." "I think it is very good. It has a taste worth getting to know and it would be interesting to use it in a rum punch." They awarded Cocofina top prize because it was exciting, fresh, new, tasty and versatile. GIVE A REAL LIFT Pat Reeves is British Masters Powerlifting Champ and former world titleholder. She says: "I can't tell the differance between Cocofina and cracking open a coconut. Be good to have this product on the shelves..." TASTE OF TROPICS Friya from Thornton Health, Surrey says: "My mum absoluetly loved Cocofina. She said it was delicious and tasted just like she remembered it being back home." A PROFESSIONALS OPINION… “CocoFina is the ideal pre-workout workout drink for me and my clients, as it delivers the energy needed for a great morning workout, without the rapid drop in energy that comes with a typical processed fitness drinks.” Andy Smith - Personal Trainer WHITE COLLAR WONDER “Cocofina gives me the refreshing lift i need mid morning and mid-afternoon without the side affects of a stimulant based drink like coffee or tea, helping me keep clarity and focus to deliver for my clients on time, every time.” Ian Daniel - Web Consultant ON THE FIELD… “Being involved in a tough sport where I have to stay in peak fitness, Cocofina's natural nutrients give me that edge, so i can push harder in training and on the field.” Rob Mathers - Amateur Rugby League Player

About Brand

  • The Inspiration Cocofina was born in 2005, on a beach in Brazil while the founder of the brand Jacob was sipping a young green coconut. He was racking his brains on a plan to escape the corporate world, fortunately the answer was in his hands but it took him 5 minutes too long to realise it. A Natural Vision We took our vision and we started a company. What were we thinking? But with each new client we remember exactly why we started down this fruit-filled road: Every time we see a customer smiling because of Cocofina. Our vision was to minimise on any additives and be honest to our customers. The Impetus How many times have you bought a fruit drink only to find out that it contained more artificial flavour, sweeteners and colours that it did fruit? The last time we checked Red Dye #7 was a chemical not a type of exotic fruit. Frankly, we just got tired of the so-called fruit drinks that were filled with 2% real juice and 98% science laboratory. We wanted to do something different. We wanted to do something right. And in the end we wanted to minimise on any artificial additives What's in a Name? Many people have asked us why our brand is named Cocofina. Literally "Fine Coconut Water", Cocofina is so much more. You see, to us, Cocofina is a feeling. A wonderful feeling An indulgent feeling. A whole body feeling. It's that sensation you get when your lips touch the tartness of a perfectly ripe strawberry; bite into a succulent mango; nibble on the sweetest of cherries. Only the finest of the finest coconuts for our customers. That's the feeling of Cocofina. And, to us, we couldn't think of a better way to name our coconut water. The Journey After watching the growth of the soft drink industry for years, we finally got fed up. With children consuming more artificial drinks than ever before in history, we felt he needed to take action, so we decided to do something revolutionary. We decided to make a change for the better. Not content to simply stand by and watch, We took action. We began investigating what it would take to create a Coconut Water minus the sugars, preservatives, and colours. After extensive research, we struck upon the solution: A coconut water with a natural milk based preservative. The initial version was in a sports pouch which has now been replaced with a can format with 0.004% Sodium Metabisulphite as antioxidant minus any other additives. Coconut water has now developed into a $450 million category and the US market has grown from $40 million in 2008 to $60 million in 2009. Cocofina has listings with the world's largest heath food distributors and placements with numerous retailers. Fina Brands Ltd now invests in young innovative startups that challenge traditional thinking. To find out more about Fina Brands visit

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