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Coir Compost Organic Blocks / Brick Expands To 10-11 Litres

  • It is an eco-friendly organic soil substitute and soil conditioner
  • It is also 4 times lighter than soil and therefore excellent for terrace gardens
  • Helps achieve better root development and plant growth Coir compost reduces replacement costs Fumigated with methyl bromide to eliminate harmful pathogens, insects and pests The much lower weight of coir compost reduces stress on building structures in terrace gardening .
  • 1 Coir Compost Organic Block, Makes Up To 11 Litres Coir compost is an organic soil-less growing media for horticulture and floriculture
  • It can be incorporated to improve physical properties of soil
  • A superior alternative to peat moss, coir compost is excellent for flower beds, potted plants, horticultural crops, golf courses, lawns, landscaping, nursery poly bags, etc
  • High water holding capacity (more than 600%), meaning less frequent watering Improves aeration and microbiological activity Internationally approved product - widely used by commercial nurseries
  • Coir compost is developed and constantly tested in an ISO 9001-2000 BVQI test house to ensure uniform quality standards Completely organic and eco-friendly Improves efficiency of nutrients, making more nutrients available to the plants


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