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Colgate 360° Sensitive Toothbrush - Compact

  • Colgate 360°™ Sensitive toothbrush is specially designed to give a gentle, yet effective cleaning for sensitive teeth.


Product Description

  • These bristles along with its cheek and tongue cleaner clean teeth, tongue, cheeks and gums for a whole mouth clean.

    Unique Cheek and Tongue Cleaner:
  • For effective cleaning of those hard-to-reach areas

    Soft Polishing Cups:
  • Gently cleans your inner cheeks as you brush
  • Gentle on sensitive teeth and gums
  • Removes more plaque between teeth*
    * versus a soft flat trim toothbrush

    Raised Cleaning Tip:
  • It's unique ultra soft multi-functional bristles not only clean better compared to a regular flat trim brush, it produces significantly less wear on the sensitive areas of the teeth, your tooth enamel and gums than an ordinary soft brush
  • Soft, massaging texture feels good while you brush
  • Removes odour-causing bacteria from your tongue

    Ultra Soft Cleaning Bristles:
  • Work together with the ultra soft bristles to cause less wear on the sensitive areas of your teeth*
    * Based on laboratory study versus a soft flat trim toothbrush


Q: What makes the Colgate 360° Sensitive toothbrush unique?
A: It is especially designed to give gentle, yet effective cleaning that causes four times less wear (or pressure) on your teeth than ordinary manual toothbrushes.

Q: Does the Sensitive toothbrush have the cheek and tongue cleaner?
A: Yes. You get all of the benefits of the Colgate 360° original toothbrush, including the cheek and tongue cleaner, as well as ultra soft cleaning bristles that are gentle on your teeth and gums.

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