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Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste - 75ml

  • Colgate Total Advanced Toothpaste. The original mint flavour for complete non-stop 12 hour protection.
  • Helps protect against plaque, gingivitis and cavities.
  • Professional confidence
  • Effective against caries, gingivitis, plaque, calculus buildup, and malodor
  • More plaque and gingivitis reduction than regular fluoride toothpaste*2
  • Safe and effective
  • Provides long-lasting antibacterial protection

Product Description

By using new Colgate Total Advanced, you will get clinically proven non-stop 12 hour protection against bacteria and long-lasting protection against the most common dental problems, including: 1. Cavities 2. Gum Problems 3. Plaque 4. Tartar 5. Staining 6. Bad Breath 7. Sensitive Teeth 8. Enamel Erosion


Brush thoroughly at least twice a day. Best after meals or as directed by a dentist or physician.


Colgate Total gives you 12 hour non-stop protection against bacteria for a healthier mouth.


For children between 2-6, use a pea-sized amount and supervise child's brushing and rinsing to minimize swallowing. For children under 2, ask a dentist or physician.

Other Info

WHAT MAKES COLGATE TOTAL® TOOTHPASTE UNIQUE? Colgate Total® is unique because it is the only toothpaste formulated with 0.3% triclosan and 2% copolymer for anti-plaque and anti-gingivitis benefits, in addition to its 1100 ppm fluoride for anti-cavity efficacy. Additionally, Colgate Total® is the first and only toothpaste approved by the FDA through the New Drug Application (NDA) process for the prevention and control of plaque and gingivitis, as well as for cavity protection.

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