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Colief Infant Drops - 7ml

  • Colief® Infant Drops may help reduce the hours of crying by breaking down the lactose in the baby's usual milk and making this more easily digestible
  • Colief® may be used for all babies whether breast-fed or formula-fed, and is safe from birth
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Product Description

Colief Infant Drops.

What is Colief®?

  • Colief is a food supplement for adding to infant milk
  • Colief contains the naturally occurring enzyme lactase which is used to break down the complex sugar lactose (found in milk and milk products) into the simple sugars glucose and galactose
  • Undigested lactose is broken down by bacteria in the gut, sometimes causing digestive discomfort
  • ++Infant Drops
  • ++Colief Infant Drops
  • ++Colief Drops


Glycerol, Water, lactase Enzyme


1. If you have any concerns regarding your baby's health, you should seek urgent professional medical advice. 2. The active ingredient in Colief® is lactase, an enzyme which occurs naturally within the body. The addition of Colief® Infant Drops to babies; milk merely compensates for a possible lactase deficiency in the child's digestive system. Colief® Infant Drops added to baby's usual milk greatly reduces the level of lactose by breaking this down into glucose and galactose, before baby is fed. Studies have shown that the hours of crying may be greatly reduced when babies' usual milk is treated with Colief®. 3. Read and follow instructions in-pack carefully. Add the drops to your baby's milk; do not give the drops to your baby directly. Colief® works best in milk that is warm (not hot or cold). 4. Colief® Infant Drops can be safely used from birth onwards in breast milk and formula milk. 5. Once opened, keep Colief® Infant drops refrigerated, but do not allow to freeze. 6. Discard Colief® three weeks after opening and do not use after Best Before date stated on the pack. 7. Keep milk treated witih Colief® refrigerated at all times prior to use. We recommend that milk containing Colief® is used within 12 hours of being made up. If you are making up batches in advance, we recommend that you make your batches every 12 hours. 9. Ingredients: glycerol, water, lactase enzyme. Do not use Colief® if you believe your baby is allergic to any of these ingredients. 10. As your baby's digestive system matures at around 3 months, you should be able to gradually withdraw Colief® from use by simply reducing the number of drops per feed, then using Colief® at alternative feeds.


Use Colief® Infant Drops every time you feed your baby. Formula Milk 1. Make up your baby's usual milk and let the bottle cool to body temperature (warm, not hot). 2. Add two drops of Colief® Infant Drops, shake gently and refrigerate for approx. four hours, to allow the Colief to work (Do not keep milk treated with Colief® for more than 12 hours). 3. Reheat bottle and use as normal. Breast Feeding 1. Try expressing a few teaspoonfuls into a small sterilised container. 2. Add 4 drops of Colief 3. Give this to your baby on a sterilised plastic teaspoon, 4. Continue breast-feeding as normal. Expressed Milk Use Colief® as with formula milk. Ready-to-use formula Single serving: add four drops and feed in half an hour, or add two drops and keep refrigerated for minimum 4 hrs before use. Follow manufacturer's instructions.

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5 out of 5
By nikata | Posted on: 07/09/2012


Really works magic, helped my colicky baby.


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