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Colour Emulsion Light Golden Chestnut - 60ml

  • J.F. Lazartigue Colouring Emulsion Light Golden Chestnut. Permanent colour for grey hair to reinforce your natural colour. ++Permanent hair colour ++Permanent hair colourant

Product Description

This Colouring Emulsion enables you to cover up to 100% grey hair, brighten up your natural colour and to regain healthy hair even if the damaging effects of sun, pollution, or previous successive colour treatments.

FREE of both ammonia and peroxide.

With 13 different shades, you can carefully choose the one that most closely matches your own natural hair colour. There is no reason why you should not add your own personal touch, mixing two different Colouring Emulsion shades to achieve a more golden blond, or a coppery chestnut.

Please note, however, that Colouring Emulsion cannot lighten your hair.


Everything that is harsh on the body and stressful to the mind will have the same effect on the hair.

Your hair reflects the general state of your health. If you look and feel good, your hair will shine and bounce! If you are going through hard times, your hair will look as dull as you feel. Your hair is one of your major assets. Take care of it on a daily basis, just the way you take care of your skin.

We are all different and our hair is different too.

Taking care of hair involves more than just regular washing. Shampooing is a basic step in the hair care routine but your hair also needs products geared specifically to its type. There are many factors that can contribute to dull hair: stress, exhaustion, anxiety, an unbalanced diet, health problems, pollution... even the use of unsuitable products.

The j.f. Lazartigue laboratory has perfected a range of hair care products designed to restore a perfect natural balance to your hair. These products benefit from the most advanced understanding of the formation and development of a single hair, and the latest research into raw materials. Ultra gentle, the products are nonetheless spectacularly effective, thanks to the harmonius combination of highly concentrated active ingredients with an enriched revitalising base.

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