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    • Relieves the painful spasm and bloating of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  • Colpermin is the market leader for the treatment of IBS. Colpermin contains clinically proven natural peppermint oil in a special formulation to help manage the symptoms of IBS. Colpermin offers dual action relief, relieving the painful spasm and the uncomfortable bloating of IBS. The special coated capsules pass through the stomach intact and target relief directly where it is needed most in the large intestine.

    How does Colpermin work?
    Dual action Colpermin has been specially formulated in a prolonged release capsule to help manage the symptoms of IBS. Its double action helps relieve both the painful abdominal spasm and uncomfortable bloating of IBS. Firstly Colpermin has a relaxing effect in the bowel muscle to relieve the knotted feeling and cramping pain in the stomach. At the same time, Colpermin helps disperse the pockets of trapped wind that can cause that uncomfortable bloated feeling.

    The capsule’s enteric coating ensures that it remains intact as it passes through the stomach acids and the small intestine. Once in the large intestine the active ingredient, peppermint oil, is slowly released for maximum effect and relief.
    By easing the symptoms of IBS, Colpermin helps you to carry on with your life.
  • Colpermin’s active ingredient is peppermint oil BP 0.2. The other ingredients are gelatin, colloidal silica, titanium dioxide (E171), indigotine (E132), eudragit S100, endragit L30 D55, triethyl citrate, ammonia solution 10%, monostearin, polyethylene glycol 4000, talc, purified water, beeswax and refined arachis (peanut) oil.
  • Pharmacia & Upjohn
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