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Condensation Trap - 160mm / 150mm / 125mm


Product Description

  • It will also fit 160mm soil pipe
  • Alternatively, insulated flexible ducting or insulated rigid ducting may be used but it can be more awkward and time consuming to install
  • CONDENSATION TRAP - 160MM / 150MM / 125MM
    Product Summary:
    A uniquely designed multi purpose product that is suitable for use with 125mm and 150mm ventilation pipe
  • Please see the above images for information on how to use with different duct sizes
  • However, it is ideal if a condensation trap cannot be connected to the duct for installation reasons, or the overflow-pipe cannot drain to the outside due to lack of access or the distance involved.
  • This moisture can run down the duct and create a potential hazard, such as dripping onto the electrical connections of a fan or cooker hood
  • A condensation trap can be used to prevent this problem occurring
  • This ensures that the moisture cannot enter a potentially hazardous area

  • When a ventilation duct is installed in an unheated area, such as a cold loft space, condensation can form on the inside of the duct
  • The condensation trap should be installed as low as possible, whilst still high enough to maintain a fall on the overflow-pipe
  • The trap is simply connected to the system as part of the vertical duct run and an internal gutter within the trap collects the moisture and then drains it out through a standard overflow-pipe to the outside

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