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Confidante Home STI Sexually Transmitted Infection Test Kit

  • Confidante Home STI Sexually Transmitted Infection Test Kit

Product Description

Simple Accurate & Confidential STI testing.
\r\nSuitable for use by men or women.
\r\nConfidante allows you to take control of your sexual health, offering quick and convenient, professional laboratory STI testing from the privacy of your own home.
\r\nTest for 10 of the most common STIs in a single test and receive laboratory standard results, all without the need to visit a genitourinary medicine (GUM) or sexual health clinic. Results are delivered to you securely and discreetly via phone, post, email or online, as chosen by you.
\r\n10 STIs Confidante screens for include:
\r\nChlamydia trachomatis - Chlamydia
\r\nNeisseria gonorrhoea - Gonorrhoea
\r\nTreponema pallidum - Syphilis *
\r\nHerpes simplex virus I - Herpes I
\r\nHerpes simplex virus II - Herpes II
\r\nTrichomonas vaginalis
\r\nMycoplasma hominis
\r\nMycoplasma genitalium
\r\nUreaplasma urealyticum
\r\nHaemophilus ducreyi - Chancroid
\r\n* Syphilis is most accurately detected using a swab from a blister or a sore. Not all Syphilis infections can be detected in a urine sample.
\r\nConfidante is specifically designed to be straightforward to use, with all you need included in our discreetly packaged kit. We have made the entire process as convenient as possible with pre-paid envelopes, user-friendly instructions and more to ensure a simple, hassle free process. 4 simple steps to achieve peace of mind about your sexual health.
\r\n1. Purchase test online
\r\n2. Collect a urine or swab sample at home using the kit
\r\n3. Post it back using the pre-paid envelope
\r\n4. Receive results within 7 days (via phone, email or online - you choose)
\r\nConfidante is a home use STI test developed by Randox Laboratories, which allows you to take control of your sexual health from the privacy of your own home.
\r\nConfidante far exceeds other STI tests currently available, testing for 10 STIs simultaneously using Randox Biochip Array Technology to provide rapid and extremely accurate results.
\r\nIs Confidante for me?
\r\nConfidante offers simple, accurate and confidential STI testing.
\r\n-Do you have symptoms of an STI?
\r\n-Starting a new relationship?
\r\n-Has a recent sexual partner tested positive for an STI?
\r\n-Forgot to use a condom or did it split?
\r\n-Thinking of starting a family?
\r\n-Just want peace of mind?
\r\nIf you answered yes to any of the above questions, Confidante can help.

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