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Conquest Tactics Card Game


Product Description

  • Gone are the days of relying on luck and hoping that cards are drawn in the correct order
  • Then they deploy and advance their troops across a battlefield using ranged, melee and counter attacks, spells, skills and equipment
  • If you have been trying to find a strategy card game that is more exciting and challenging, Conquest Tactics is for you.

    So what exactly is a strategy card game all about? Conquest Tactics takes place in the world of Yen Sen
  • Every battle will be different, making the ability to adapt invaluable
  • Players must constantly be thinking ahead and planning their next move in order to achieve victory in a strategy card game.
  • Conquest Tactics is the next evolution of card games: a strategy card game
  • In Conquest Tactics, strategy, skill, and knowledge of the capabilities of your troops will be vital to defeating your opponent
  • Players choose their starting forces and arm them with spells, skills and equipment
  • All the while, players can upgrade their troops and play circumstances to change the tide of battle
  • Armies are fueled by resources called Tactical Points, and commanders must choose where to best spend their resources between reinforcing troops, attacking, and defending

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