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Contour 45mm x 110mm Skirting Cover - Skirting Cover 45mm x 110mm

  • Our skirting cover profiles come in a variety of sizes. This neat profile will encase a small skirting board, and two small bore copper pipes. Use the Contour 45 x 110mm profile anywhere around the home where pipe encasement will enhance your property. The inside clearance of the 15S1145 pipe encasement measures 40 x 80mm. The 2.5 metre long Skirting Cover pipe encasement system is ideal product to enhance the appearance of any home. Use this or any of the other sizes to avoid tedious re-decoration at floor level, whilst completing hiding difficult to paint copper pipes or discoloured wiring. Our range of accessories will make the task even easier. The 2.5 metre Contour Skirting Cover is especially useful for property refurbishment. Instead of wasting hours chasing walls, to hide pipes and then re-plaster just use our Contour Skirting Cover to envelope the existing skirting and pipe. At the very least you'll be saving time by not re-decorating the old skirting boards. Once you have the timber batten in place simply drill through the outside of each Contour casing at 600mm centres. We advise customers to purchase screws, and screw caps to get the smartest finish. Before ordering take a quick look around the room and work out how many of each corner, joint and stop end are required. Our bespoke accessories will provide a uniform finish and are easily installed. Product: Skirting Cover 45 x 110mm Product Code: 15S1145 Material Thickness: 5mm Dimensions: 110mm H x 2500mm L Projection: 45mm Internal Angle: 115° Finish: White Melamine Fixing screws, white screw caps and timber battens are available below under product recommendations to complete the profile.

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