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Cooker Main Oven Door Seal Gasket

Product Description

Pack of 1 replacement spare part.

OPN: 00754066

Related Part Number: 658558 / 651944

Fit to Models:B1322N0GB/01, B1322N0GB/03, B1322N1GB/01, B1322S0GB/01, B1322S0GB/03, B1322S1GB/01, B1322W0GB/01, B1322W0GB/03, B1322W1GB/01, B1412N0GB/03, B1422B0GB/01, B1422B0GB/03, B1422C0GB/01, B1422C0GB/03, B1422E0GB/01, B1422E0GB/03, B1422N0GB/01, B1422N0GB/03, B1422W0GB/01, B1422W0GB/03, B1442B0GB/01, B1442B0GB/03, B1442N0GB/01, B1442N0GB/03, B1442S0GB/01, B1442S0GB/03, B1442W0GB/01, B1442W0GB/03, B1524N0GB/01, B1524N0GB/03, B1524S0GB/01, B1524S0GB/03, B1564N0GB/01, B1564N0GB/03, B1564S0GB/01, B1564S0GB/03, B1644N0GB/01, B1644N0GB/03, B1644S0GB/01, B1644S0GB/03, B1664N0GB/01, U1322N0GB/01, U1322N0GB/03, U1322N1GB/01, U1322S0GB/01, U1322S0GB/03, U1322S1GB/01, U1322W0GB/01, U1322W0GB/03, U1322W1GB/01, U1422B0GB/01, U1422B0GB/02, U1422B0GB/03, U1422N0GB/01, U1422N0GB/03, U1422S0GB/01, U1422S0GB/02, U1422S0GB/03, U1422W0GB/01, U1422W0GB/02, U1422W0GB/03, U1442B0GB/01, U1442B0GB/03, U1442N0GB/01, U1442N0GB/03, U1442S0GB/01, U1442S0GB/03, U1442W0GB/01, U1524N0GB/01, U1524N0GB/03, U1524S0GB/01, U1524S0GB/03, U1564N0GB/01, U1564S0GB/01, U1564S0GB/03, U1644N0GB/01, U1644N0GB/03, U1644S0GB/01, U1644S0GB/03

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