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Cortas Duo of Orange Blossom Water & Rose Water, 2 x 300ml, Buy 2 get 5% Discount

  • This duo of beautiful scented waters is a great Middle Eastern addition to a cooks larder.Cortas make this perfumed orange water from a pure orange flower distillate, with no artificial flavours or enhancers. Produced in Lebanon, orange blossom water is a rich part of traditional Middle Eastern cooking, but is also found in many French dishes, too. For the simplest of refreshing drinks, spike a jug of iced water with a drop or two of the blossom water. Pep up a bowl of strawberries to enhance their sweetness or stir through panna cotta or ice cream mixes. Use sparingly to give sweet and savoury dishes a heavenly scent of summer and floral roundedness in the mouth.This finest grade rose water has none of the sickly sweetness that is often associated with the product. It is made from 100% rose petals and is a natural by-product of rose oil production - the smell is like a walk through a blooming rose garden, its simply heavenly. Rose waters natural home is in Middle Eastern cuisine and its perfumed flavour is divine when paired with the earthiness of nuts in baking or the richness of dairy products. Add a drop or two to a creamy rice pudding to create a gently perfumed and comforting delight.

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  • Origin: Lebanon

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