POUI10011 Pourty

Cradle Cap Massage Brush - 1000

  • •Gently and effectively massage away cradle cap, lessen its severity and maintain a healthy scalp•Safe, soft and kind for newborns, babies and toddlers•Use with natural/baby oil and shampoo to lift away cradle cap•Soothing for babies as part of daily bathtime routine•Full instructions provided on packaging


Product Description

  • It is harmless but can be unsightly
  • The Pourty Cradle Cap Brush has been designed to prevent cradle cap occurring or to lessen its duration and severity if it is already present
  • Do not use this product if abrasions or irritations are present.
  • Use no tears or cradle cap shampoo to lather baby’s head and repeat the massage with the Pourty Cradle Cap Brush, working the shampoo to wash away the oil and loosened cradle cap debris. Use the Pourty Cradle Cap Brush daily until the cradle cap has disappeared and then every time you wash baby’s hair to maintain a cradle cap free scalp
  • Incorporate the Pourty Cradle Cap Brush into your baby’s daily bathroom routine. To use, wet baby’s head with warm water and softly rub a little baby oil or olive oil onto the affected area with your fingers so that it is covered and leave it for a minute or so
  • We recommend that you separate the brush from the handle to wash and let it dry before re-assembling it
  • It is safe and effective for new born babies and can be used by toddlers with a full head of hair with great results
  • Cradle Cap (medical name Seborrhoeic Dermatitis) is the yellow crusty patches that commonly appear on the scalp of young babies
  • Rinse baby’s head and the Pourty Cradle Cap Brush
  • Wash the Pourty Cradle Cap Brush with soap and hot water between uses
  • You shouldn’t need to see your GP if your baby has cradle cap unless the scalp becomes inflamed or if the cradle cap spreads to other parts of their body. It is important not to pick cradle cap as this may cause an infection
  • Applying gentle pressure massage baby’s oiled scalp with the Pourty Cradle Cap Brush in a circular motion

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