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Crazy Jack Black Pepper Ground Fair Trade - 50g

  • Crazy Jack Black Pepper Ground Fair Trade Crazy Jack Organic
  • Crazy Jack Spices


Product Description

  • Soil association certified organic
  • Contains no artificial colours or preservatives
  • Top quality ingredients to add flavour to a variety of dishes
  • Part of a range of 43 different herbs & spices

About Range

Crazy Jack Organic Herbs & Spices are available in over 40 different varieties and are perfect for seasoning dishes, cooking into the recipe for a fantastic tasting meal. These top quality organic herbs & spices are 100% pure ingredient. When they started spraying the land, Jack said it would be dangerous and would lead to problems. "It’s progress", they said, "you’ve got to move with the times. You can’t put chemicals in the soil without suffering the consequences," Jack said. "You’re crazy", they told him. "I’d rather be crazy than poison our planet," Jack replied. They didn’t listen then, but now more and more people are recognising the benefits of eating organic. As the interest and demand has grown, so has the quantity and range of organic products available. Jack doesn’t cut corners in his desire to provide the best possible food at reasonable prices. He chooses his supplier partners carefully, and takes all appropriate quality control measures to ensure that the highest quality product available reaches the consumer. Jack works with people who have the skills, experience and commitment to ensure that only the best goes into his range. Some people still think that Jack is crazy, but then they called Galileo crazy when he suggested that the earth revolved around the sun.

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Community Foods Limited










Expected Despatch By 25/10/2016
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