TWEN27520 Crazy Jack

Crazy Jack Pinenuts - 100g

  • They have a resin-like flavour and aroma, and taste rich and oily
  • Crazy Jack Pine Nuts originate from the Chinese stone pine and are widely used in Italy, Greece and the Middle East
  • They are at their best when toasted until browned and fragrant.


Product Description

  • In Italy they are used like almonds in rich dessert tarts, and for making Pesto.
  • Toasted pine nuts are a lovely addition to stuffings, salads, pilafs, vegetable side dishes or mezze and go especially well with Chicken, Lamb, cream cheese, dried fruit and rice


Pine nuts*
*Organically grown and processed

Nutrition Information

(Typical values per 100g)
ENERGY 2859kJ/693kcal
Of which sugars 3.9g
FAT 69g
of which saturates 4.6g
FIBRE 1.9g
SODIUM Less than 0.01g


Crazy Jack has a wide range of top quality, pure organic dried fruits, nuts, pulses, seeds, rice and snacks to choose from. Our range reflects our years of experience in sourcing and encouraging the development of organic agriculture. We believe Crazy Jack represents the best organic quality you can buy. Some of our products are supplied through the Good Food Foundation and other similar projects that we have worked with for many years.
Our range includes many "firsts", including the first organic apricots in the UK (delicious, no sulphur!), our award winning organic marzipan, and the UK’s first Fairtrade Organic Himalayan Basmati Rice.

In the 1970’s wholefoods were seen as a fad and "organic" was way over the horizon for most people. Community Foods (the clever traders behind Crazy Jack) sold "strange" foods that we know so well today, including chick peas, beans, lentils, natural dried apricots, brown rice and "macrobiotics". These alternative gurus were FOR fibre, FOR whole foods (e.g. brown rice) and FOR all things "natural". The same gurus were AGAINST food processing and AGAINST artificial additives, colours and preservatives. Last but not least, Community Foods actively opposed the new GM technologies in food production, unconvinced by the need for them and suspicious of the commercial interests behind them.
This approach inevitably drove Community Foods down the route of organic agriculture, a natural progression of the argument that food should be wholesome, and should not be grown in a manner that is damaging to the environment or potentially harmful to humans.
So, you see, the child that was Crazy Jack Organic was inevitable – a maverick born before his time, the child of the Community that bore him. Crazy Jack Organic was born, out of observation, enquiry, and a need.

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5 out of 5
By Tess | Posted on: 29/05/2014

Very nice product

I have had great difficulty in obtaining these nuts, Very happy to use them again.

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