BTFR11972 Crystal Clear

Crystal Clear Intense Anti-Ageing Eye Serum (Eye Pen Refill)

  • Smooth, Soft Skin all Over.


Product Description

For use with your Crystal Clear eye pen

Stay Young - The Crystal Clear Skincare Eyen Refill has a new name and packaging. It's now call - Crsytal Clear Skincare Intense Anti-Ageing Eye Serum.

Size 20ml

Crystal Clear eye pen refill means that you can keep experiencing the amazing effects of this innovative product week after week after week, reducing lines and puffiness, while lifting and firming the skin around the eyes for that instant, wide-awake look.

Use with your eye pen and benefit from a dual-action approach to skin regeneration, stimulating new collagen and elastin formation while at the same time firming, lifting and strengthening the muscles around the eyes.

Results are instantaneous as the pulsating action from the pen allows the active ingredients in the refill to penetrate through the epidermal layers. Crystal Clear skin care products are not tested on animals and do not contain genetically modified ingredients.

Active Ingredients:

  • Tetrapeptide - to reduce puffiness & bags around the eye
  • Bio-peptides - to give intense firming & anti wrinkle action
  • Oxygen Complex - to promote skin cell repair & regeneration at a cellular level
  • Thalassine - to plump out lines & wrinkles, protect cellular growth and stimulate collagen
  • Norgel - to lock in moisture
  • Corn flower - to reduce congestion and relieve puffy under eyes
  • Wheat protein - to firm and tone, reduce wrinkles and improve skin clarity

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