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Cutting-Edge Fashion Illustration


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  • Each chapter covers a range of themes, from the fundamentals of Photoshop, to combining colour, texture and mixed media with your fashion illustrations

  • However, the main focus of Cutting-Edge Fashion Illustration is on how to play with compositions and add elements like inks and watercolours, how to use digital brushes and incorporate scanned texture, photos and hand-drawn patterns into your fashion illustrations.

    Erica Sharp is an expert fashion illustrator and designer heavily influenced by Japanese art and culture

  • Within each chapter is a series of techniques, each of these demonstrated by a step-by-step tutorial followed by a gallery of inspirational images using that technique
  • Her beautiful illustrations will inspire you to expand your interest in fashion illustration, to be digitally creative and incorporate exciting techniques into your own illustration work.

  • Cutting Edge Fashion Illustration by Erica Sharp

    Contemporary fashion and beauty illustrations combine a wide range of exciting materials and techniques, so whether you're a budding fashion designer or illustrator, or simply want to learn more illustration techniques using Adobe Photoshop, Cutting-Edge Fashion Illustration will be your ultimate go-to resource

  • If you're interested in learning ways to incorporate digital elements and style into your work, Cutting-Edge Fashion Illustration will explain the essential techniques and skills you need
  • It is suitable for beginners and intermediate level illustrators or designers and also a great resource for art students.

    The basics are covered - from converting original line artwork to digital format, to an overview of the Photoshop Tool palette and explanations of common Photoshop terminology


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