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CYTO11570 Cytoplan

Cytoplan Wholefood Calcium - 60 Capsules

by Cytoplan

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  • It is an organic, wholefood product with no additives.
  • Cytoplan Wholefood Calcium is a natural multimineral seaweed product, harvested from Atlantic waters off Ireland’s southwest coast
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Product Description

    • This is a small, red seaweed composed of a whole array of essential nutrients in a highly bioavailable form, including high levels of calcium, magnesium, boron and zinc
    • The seaweed which produces Wholefood Calcium is called lithothamnium calcareum
    • The waters from which this seaweed is harvested are some of the cleanest and purest in the world, and hence there is no risk of heavy metals or pollutants.

      Wholefood Calcium carries Organic Trust Certification at source and each capsule yields 200mg elemental organic calcium plus 74 other trace minerals.


  • Calcified seaweed (lithothamnium calcareum) providing: calcium, magnesium, sulphur, sodium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, manganese, boron, iodine, zinc, copper, selenium and cobalt; vegetable cellulose (capsule).

    *Also contains the following trace minerals

    Analyte Units in parts per million
    Aluminium 127
    Antimony 2.92
    Arsenic <0.05
    Barium 2.71
    Beryllium 0.113
    Bismuth 5.51
    Boron 4.79
    Bromine 4.88
    Cadmium <0.01
    Calcium 304000
    Carbon 127000
    Cerium 1.07
    Caesium 0.829
    Chloride 690
    Chromium 127
    Cobalt 0.019
    Copper 1722
    Dysprosium 0.549
    Erbium 20.9
    Europium 0.057
    Flouride 1.8
    Gadolinium 1.29
    Gallium 0.517
    Germanium 1.39
    Gold 0.008
    Hafnium <0.05
    Holmium <0.05
    Indium 0.063
    Iodine 11.2
    Iridium <0.05
    Iron 1920
    Lanthanum 0.047
    Lead 0.155
    Lithium 1.86
    Lutetium 0.037
    Magnesium 41900
    Manganese 42.1
    Mercury 0.008
    Molybdenum <0.01
    Neodymium 3.26
    Nickel 0.017
    Niobium 0.016
    Osmium <0.05
    Palladium <0.01
    Phosphorus 72.9
    Platinum 0.009
    Potassium 187
    Praseodymium <0.05
    Rhenium <0.01
    Rhodium <0.01
    Rubidium 12.7
    Ruthenium 0.029
    Samarium 1.19
    Scandium 0.052
    Selenium 0.044
    Silicon 3790
    Silver 0.161
    Sodium 1880
    Strontium 751
    Sulphur 597
    Tantalum 0.055
    Tellurium 0.068
    Terbium <0.05
    Thallium 1.09
    Thorium <0.05
    Thulium 0.051
    Tin <0.05
    Titanium 3.87
    Tungsten <0.05
    Vanadium 49.7
    Ytterbium 0.098
    Yttrium 0.955
    Zinc 2.91
    Zirconium 0.499


  • Suitable for: Vegetarians, vegans and for people with Candida and yeast sensitivities.
    Contraindications: None.
    Non-Active Ingredients: Vegetable cellulose (capsule shell).
    Non GM & Free From: wheat; starch, gluten; lactose; added colourings, sweeteners & preservatives.
    Storage: Keep cool, dry & out of direct sunlight.

Nutrition Information

  • Nutrient 2 Capsules %RDA
    Calcium 400mg 50
    Magnesium 37mg 10
    Iodine 28µg 19

    Also contains amounts of 74 trace minerals. (see Ingredients)
    RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance


  • 1-2 capsules daily, or take as directed by a practitioner.

About Brand

  • CYTOPLAN is a unique science-based supplement company exclusively supplying the needs of health care professionals and their patients. Cytoplan was founded in 1990, by practitioners with many years experience in nutrition science. Our emphasis is on quality, innovation and efficacy of product and Cytoplan has been a leader in the field of food-based supplementation for many years. We work closely with Doctors and scientists to produce products, which are highly bio-effective, truly innovative and backed by research and studies. We have a reputation for quality, integrity, innovation and excellent service. Our major shareholder is a charitable organisation and we make regular donations of supplements to charities and those in need. We aim to make a significant contribution to the health of our customers and this is more important to us than profit. All our products are conceived by common sense, grounded in science and proven with results. Cytoplan products are for those who are serious about health, trust that nature holds the key to real health and want a company they can believe in.

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