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Dabur Himalayan Honey - 227g

  • Procured from the Sunderban forests, the Nilgiri mountains and the Himalayan valleys, Dabur Honey has a unique golden color, a refreshing aroma and a delicious sweet taste.

Product Description

It is a pure, natural honey, freshly harvested from select hives. With no artificial preservatives, additives or sweeteners. Dabur Honey has the finest flavor, texture and aroma - down to the last drop.

In ancient times, infants given a few drops of pure honey to make their words sweet as honey. Besides this popular practice, honey has several established benefits:

- Remedy for constipation and hyper-acidity
- Cleans and adds sparkle to teeth
- Helps in curing trachoma, conjunctivitis and itching
- Pre-digested sugar in honey is perfect fuel for the body
- Helps in indigestion and acidity
- Used for treatment of typhoid and pneumonia
- Natural moisturizer


100% pure Natural Honey


Dabur India Limited is a leader in manufacturing and marketing herbal, nature-based products, marked with quality and trust gained through more than 100 years of experience. Today Dabur’s products are available for people in more than 50 countries across the world, helping them move towards a healthy, natural and holistic lifestyle.

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