FIIN11459 Dead Sea Spa Magik

Dead Sea Spa Magik Mud Face Mask - 75ml

  • Deep cleanes to remove impurities.


Product Description

  • The stimulation will add a healthy glow to your skin, making it feel and look smoother
  • Helps remove deep-seated impurities and smooth facial lines.
  • Promotes healthy looking complexion by mineral hydrating action


The ever increasing pace of urban life, combined with stressful working conditions, often results in hormonal and metabolic imbalances. Dead Sea Spa Magik was one of the first ranges of skincare products to recognise that the useful blend of natural compounds from sea-water can be utilised to reconstitute the lost elements in our bodies, and the holistic effect of Dead Sea Minerals on the body and skin results in a healthy, glowing complexion and a perfectly relaxed state of mind.

As pioneers of the Dead Sea Spa concept, we remain at the forefront in developing products that combine pure spa minerals, therapeutic mud, essential plant extracts, soothing aromatherapy oils and invigorating seaweed.

The ancient art of utilising marine biology for beauty and curative purposes is being applied scientifically by our company to produce spa-orientated treatments for you to enjoy in your home.


Founded in 1981, Finders International specialise in the production of body and face treatment products utilising natural elements from the sea, in particular the Dead Sea. The head office is located in the scenic countryside of Kent (England) and consists of several buildings for production, offices, training and spa facilities.

We were the first company to produce a full line of professional Dead Sea products, Spa Find, and in the UK over 600 health farms, beauty clinics and spas utilise our treatments and formulations.

In 1991 our company entered the mass markets with our brand "Dead Sea Spa Magik" which became the market leader in Dead Sea products - these are sold in approx 8000 health shops, department stores and chemists. A recent development in this range was the introduction of natural seaweed ingredients mixed with Dead Sea salts and mud.

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1 out of 5
By Rubyliv | Posted on: 16/07/2013

Dead Sea Spa Magik Mud Face Mask

Smells nice, easy to use but very disappointing results. This mask actually clogged my pores and I had to use steam to get rid of it! Definitely not recommended!


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