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Death Wears White Murder Mystery Game


Product Description

  • The staff and visitors present at the time of the murder gather, and the inevitable begins - find out who committed the evil deed before they can escape!

    Welcome to the world of Murder Mysteries
  • A

    bloody crime was committed, and the assassin is among the guests present tonight..
  • The host has to play a specified character and they will also have to do more work on the evening of the event, as players are allocated action points which can be used to do various actions throughout the evening, for example search a specific area in the game
  • You will also know who the murderer is before the party.

    Characters -

    Frank / Carmen Biagelli (the character played by the host/hostess)) - Tony Biagelli's wounded sibling

    Tony Biagelli (male) - small-time crook

    Drake Remoret (male) - doctor at the hospital

    Gail Remoret (female) - heavily pregnant, lawyer on maternity leave

    Head Nurse Costa (female) - passionate about her job

  • Parlowski

    Administrator Berkley (male or female) - Former doctor, runs the hospital with an iron fist

    Reverend Tom (male) - famous teleangelists in the U.S., regularly performing miracles on air
  • In Detroit's Brighton Hospital, a well-known and well-liked doctor has just been found dead
  • You like dark affairs, somewhat twisted plots, mystery, uncertain motives and bulletproof alibis? Stop being nothing more than a spectator - this time, you're the one leading the investigation! Put aside an evening, call+ up a bunch of friends, hand out the roles and the action can begin
  • The host(ess) therefore will need to have their wits about them all evening and we suggest as such that getting a takeaway may be a better choice than trying to cater for all your guests as well (indeed the game advises pizza)
  • unless you're the killer! This box contains all the elements you need to spend a fun evening trying to solve a murder - the only thing missing are the guests!

    ****PLEASE NOTE**** - This game is in a completely different format than the others currently on the market
  • Parlowski (male) - renowned gifted surgeon

    Intern Carter (male of female) - surgeon under the guidance of Dr

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