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Delonghi SER3012 Coffee Care Kit

Product Description

  • Keep it that way with De'Longhi's coffee care kit -- a complete solution for cleaning and maintaining your De'Longhi Bean to Cup or Espresso machines
  • The IFD system oil spray which is included, is for automatic milk frothing system maintenance and ensures the correct operation of the bean to cup machine parts to be greased over time
  • These three handy cleaning and maintenance aids are accompanied by a cleaning brush, microfibre cloth and an easy to understand guide to help you extend the life of the machine and the taste of the coffee effortlessly.
    All three cleaning and maintenance aids can be bought separately.

    Box Contains
    1 x pack of 2 Descaler sachets
    1 x bottle of degreaser detergent for milk
    1 x bottle of oil spray for IFD systems
    1 x cleaning brush
    1 x Microfibre cloth
    1 x Set of instructions

    Cleaning and maintenance kit for espresso machines
    Guarantees the long life of machines
    Improves coffee quality
    Contains natural descaler, milk-cleaning solution and oil spray (for automatic frothing device)
    Guide included
  • These fantastic kits help to guarantee the long life of your machine and improve the quality of the coffee it dispenses.
    The kit includes a box (containing 2 sachets) of natural descaler which preserves the taste of the coffee and is cleansing and antibacterial without being corrosive or aggressive
  • Product Description
    Coffee at home is amazing
  • It also contains a 250ml bottle of special degreaser detergent for milk which is suitable for all frother tips and automatic frothing systems and will protect sensitive materials, keeping them cleaner and looking better for longer

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