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Den Tek Tongue Cleaner

  • DenTek's Tongue Cleaners squeege all of that bad breath riff-raff out of your mouth, leaving you with fresh, clean breath.


Product Description

  • Did you know that bad breath germs have a favorite hang-out spot? It's on your tongue, and as gross as this new insight is, it's up to you to send those halitosis breeders packing.


Extend your tongue. Place the Tongue Cleaner on the back of your tongue and pull forward, skimming the surface of your tongue. Rinse the Tongue Cleaner with warm water and repeat as necessary. If bad breath persists, consult your dentist. For Best Results: Like your toothbrush, you should replace your tongue cleaner every 3 months.


About Us
We were going to call the company A Bunch of Oral Health Zealots Doing Really Cool Stuff, Inc., but it didn’t fit on the business card. So DenTek it was. DenTek was founded in Petaluma, California, in 1984 by John Jansheski. John remains DenTek’s CEO and Chief Innovation Officer to this day. From its inception, DenTek has been focused on providing Innovative consumer oral care products. The company began with just one product, the Dental Pik, which was invented by John's father (a dentist — are you seeing a pattern here?). Using the Dental Pik as a building block, DenTek was built one product at a time with one goal—to provide innovative solutions for today’s oral care zealot. The DenTek spirit of innovation continues to drive the company. Since moving to Maryville, Tennessee, in 2001, DenTek has launched dozens of zealot-focused innovations. And we’re just getting warmed up. With Oral Care of increasing importance to people everywhere, DenTek takes its mantra — Oral Health for Life — very seriously. We have many more smile-inducing products in development. We added our Professional Division in 2007. DenTek Professional is working to help oral health care professionals encourage patient cooperation through the use of our many well-received products.

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5 out of 5
By yogibike | Posted on: 12/05/2015

Good design

The shape of this Den Tek tongue cleaner has been considerably improved in comparison to its predecessor which was more linear in design. I feel it does a really good job and when the need arises, I will purchase the same product again.

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