GRAF10020 Dentyl Active

Dentyl Active Plaque Fighter - Smooth Mint - 500ml

  • Dentyl Active Plaque Fighter - Smooth Mint
  • Dentyl Active's advanced antibacterial action remains effective, and essential oils continue to help protect the teeth and gums from further build up, for up to 18 hours after use
  • Feel the confidence of fresh breath all day long

Mouthwash Smooth Mint.

Product Description

  • No other mouthwash works in the same way
  • Dentyl Active is the original multi-phase mouthwash
  • Shake Dentyl Active vigorously to physically activate the two-phases
  • When you swish and gargle, the advanced formula moves around the mouth powerfully attracting, lifting and absorbing the bacteria and debris that cause bad breath and plaque
  • Rinse out and you will actually see what has been removed - proof that it really works
  • Innovate formula provides outstanding benefits: Alcohol-free Clinically proven Advanced antibacterial action Tastes great, does not sting Cares for teeth and gums Kills up to 99
  • 9% oral bacteria (in lab tests) Helps fight 'morning breath' and severe cases of bad breath Provides a mouth that's healthy and clean Ultimate fresh breath confidence


Bad Breath is an extremely common problem and almost everyone worries whether they have it or not. Research shows that 55-65% of people have halitosis chronically and 95% of the adult population suffer from it at some time or another. There are, however, two ends of the bad breath spectrum:- 'Morning breath'. Most of us have experienced this as when we sleep our salivary glands rest so there is insufficient saliva to wash away bacteria and food debris. It is however a temporary problem which can be rectified by brushing and rinsing with an antibacterial, alcohol-free mouthwash. Halitosis. By contrast, halitosis is more prolonged often with more serious symptoms, caused by an excess of bacteria giving off odourous gases. If more efficient oral hygiene does not eradicate the problem then a visit to your dentist or fresh breath specialist will be required.

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