ATCL10009 Dermastir

Dermastir Caviar Sun Protection SPF50+ - 50ml


Product Description

  • Dermastir sun protection prevents and delays wrinkle formation
  • Caviar is a luxury that has been added and it nourishes the skin to regain the nutrients that it needs during sun exposure
  • Dermastir airless sun protection packaging protects ingredients from the 4factrs that damage sun protection factors and ingredients i.e heat, light, oxygen and micro organisms.
  • The vacuum flask technology protects the sun protection factors and the other ingredients from heat and light
  • Dermastir sun protection factor 50 is a must for skins that are prone to pigmentation
  • The sun protection factors and the ingredients are also guaranteed after opening because of the airless Dermastir packaging .(unlike other competing sun protections that are usually presented in tubes)

    DERMASTIR CAVIAR sun protection SPF50+ is unique because it is presented in an airless packaging that protects the sun protection filters from oxidation and contamination
  • A fluid white sun protection cream with multiple properties and prolonged sun protection
  • Vacuum flask technology is an added feature to the Dermastir airless packaging

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