ATCL10068 Dermastir

Dermastir CoQ10 - 10 ml*2


Product Description

  • This concentrated ingredient is a natural defence action against skin ageing
  • Dermastir Coenzyme Q10 Luxury Collection is a fluid containing fresh extracts of Coenzyme Q10
  • This Dermastir airless packaging designed by Alta Care Laboratoires is ideal to take around serums when traveling from one place to another
  • Coenzyme Q10 has concentrates that at cellular level improves the release of oxygen in the cells and as a very powerful antioxidant it protects the skin
  • Due to the fact that the ingredients are in an airless container the ingredients remain fresh and when applied on the skin they remain under the surface for up to three days.

    The serum is preserved in an airless packaging that has a window to show that no air is ever in contact the serum
  • The window displays therefore not only the fact that the packaging is an airless one but it also displays the dose per day to be applied to the concerned area
  • It helps improve skin elasticity and increases the moisture content in the tissue
  • Alta Care Laboratoires airless packaging technology continues to guarantee that the ingredients remain active and present when the client applies the serum.
  • Every time the pump is pressed it is possible to follow the amount of dose applied
  • Every Dermastir serum box contains 2 bottles of 10ml which is more than enough for 14 days of consecutive treatment

Nutrition Information


Apply the serum with light massages on the face (avoid the eye contour) and neck until completely absorbed. Morning applications and more times throughout the day are advised.

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