ATCL10005 Dermastir

Dermastir Luxury - Leave in Mask - 50ml


Product Description

  • With age the skin becomes thinner and therefore it is more difficult for the skin to keep ingredients and hydration in the skin
  • When comparing using a night cream only and a night cream followed by Dermastir Mask the results and difference is immediately visible the next morning

  • • The mask has strong tensioactive properties and this is visible to the naked eye
  • If a finger is inserted in the mask the hole that initially forms reduces in size till eventually flattening out because of the very high tensioactive properties of the ingredients
  • This is very important when skin starts aging.
    • One important strength of the Dermastir Leave-in Mask is that it enters the skin and it can be left in overnight with no need to be washed off
  • The Dermastir Leave-in mask will leave no residues.
    • The improved results are seen immediately the next morning

  • • The Dermastir Leave-in Mask gives more value to expensive night creams and serums since the mask leaves the ingredients for longer time in the skin and they are not lost
  • The Dermastir Leave-in mask is to be applied after the night cream and this is done so that the ingredients in the night cream remain for a longer time in the skin
  • Dermastir Leave-in mask can be applied not only after night creams but also after hydrophilic serums usually found in droppers and glass ampoules
  • This property helps the ingredients to remain for longer time in the skin

    Packed in an airless packaging with vacuum flask technology that protects the active ingredients from oxygen, heat, light, pathogens and humidity.

    • One of the main strengths of the Dermastir Leave-in masks is that the texture of this yellow mask is very dense but at the same time not thick and easy to apply
  • Using medical terminology one may say that the Dermastir Leave-in mask helps to decrease the trans epidermal water loss (TEWL)
  • When the ingredients remain for longer time in the skin they have more time to act.

    ADENOSINE - LECITHIN : Myorelaxant botox effect
    TROMETHAMINE : Anti inflammatory effect
    PALMITOYL : Increases by threefold the volume of the skin matrix
    PENTAPEPTIDE-4 : Increases by threefold the volume of the skin matrix
    SQUALENE : A sebum that helps ingredients remain for longer time in the human sebum
    CAVIAR EXTRACT : Nutrient, anti-oxidant, tissue repair, regeneration and restores metobolic processes
    10 PHYTO EXTRACTS IN ALOE : Cellular repair
    HYALURONIC ACID : Volume is added by 1000 times the weight of Hyaluronic

Nutrition Information


For all skin types. Apply the night mask at night immediately after applying the night cream or after any type of serum. The night mask can be left in till next morning and it does not need to be washed off.

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