ATCL10106 Dermastir

Dermastir Scar Repair Post-Filler - 4 ml x 4


Product Description

  • A combination of soluble collagen and antiseptic ingredients penetrate the skin without the need of any needles
  • Dermastir scar repair post-filler can be used immediately when the healing process begins
  • Antiseptic ingredients have been added to the Dermastir scar repair formula for cases when the filler is used on fresh wounds
  • Dermastir scar repair filler is indicated in cases of acne scars, keloid scars, operational scars, wounds and burns
  • The soluble collagen particles are visible to the naked eye but they still penetrate deep into the skin by means of nanotechnology
  • The collagen particles found in Dermastir scar repair fillers re 40 nanometres in size
  • Dermastir Post-Fillers are indicated to be used to repair all types of scars
  • So although the collagen particles are presented in a solid form they still dissolve into the skin.
    Positive results have been obtained on all types of acne scars, ranging from deep pits to scars that are angular or wavelike in appearance
  • The Dermastir scar repair filler may cause a slight heating effect when applied on stitches or close to an open wound but it is absolutely not contra indicated
  • When the wound starts to heal the Dermastir scar repair has a cooling effect on the scar.

Nutrition Information


Push the cap down to break the seal of the ampoule before taking off the cap. Apply the Dermastir Filler accordingly to the scar. Dermastir Post-Filler can be mixed in your antibiotic cream or scar repair cream, before application, in order to increase the concentration of collagen in your cream. Apply daily. When Dermastir Post-Filler is applied directly onto the wrinkle use one ampoule per week on scars. In cases when the skin is severely scarred or in cases when the scar is deeper than normal use 2 ampoules per week. Use daily till the scar forms if the wound is still fresh. When the scar then forms, apply all the ampoule once a week. The ampoule can be applied at different times of the day till all the ampoule use. Repeat once a week.

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