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This is no longer available although you may find similar or newer versions below:

DEWALT D26411 Heat Gun 1800 Watt 230 Volt

Product Description

  • Lightweight ergonomics and a compact design increase comfort during application.

    The Heatgun has 2 air flows to maximise control in most applications

  • Softening adhesives and removing stickers

  • Automotive applications

  • Softening metal pipes for bending

  • Thawing frozen water pipes.

    Power Input: 1,800 Watts

  • Length: 253 mm

  • Height: 210 mm.

  • Loosening nuts and bolts

  • Operating Temperature: 50-400 / 50-600 °C

  • Air Flow: 250 / 450 l/min

  • Moulding and welding plastics

  • Shrinking cable ends
  • It comes with a large stable support stand to ensure safety in staionary applications and is supplied with 2 cone attachments to increase versatility for specific applications.

    Stripping paint:
    Shrinking packaging and wrapping

  • Weight: 0.80 kg

  • The DEWALT D26411 Heatgun has a durable design with added protection for the heating element

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