CPCC10005 Dextro Energy

Dextro Energy Tropical - 14 Tablets (47g)

  • Dextro Energy provides a quick and systematic energy boost, guaranteeing mental and physical performance at crucial moments.


Product Description

  • They are handy and tasty companions
  • Dextro Energy sticks contain 14 small dextrose tablets and weigh 47g
  • It is therefore particulary helpful when fighting colds, in the winter and for strengthening the immune system
  • Vitamin C strengthens the body's immune system
  • They also provide an extra supply of vitamins.

    Tropical + Vitamin C:
    Contains approximately 100% of the recommended daily dose of 60mg of Vitamin C


For generations, Dextro Energy has been a synonym for “grape sugar”. Generations of school children, working professionals and athletes have been able to depend on its performance-enhancing effects.

The communication policies and package design have changed over the past few decades. However, the brand promise has always remained the same: Dextro Energy – natural instant energy for concentration and performance.


Sufficient energy is a prerequisite for high performance; the body takes in this energy via food. Foods introduce nutrients into the body which all fulfil a specific task:
- Building cells. Protein is mainly responsible for this.
- Regulating various processes within the body. This is done mainly by vitamins and minerals.
- Delivering energy and heat. Carbohydrates and fat are needed here.

Dextrose is a carbohydrate; along with fats and proteins, carbohydrates are the most important nutrients for human beings. Dextrose is the most important single sugar and is called “glucose” in medical terminology. The various descriptions all refer to the same molecule.

Dextrose: a natural substance
Dextrose is a natural sugar substance which is to be found in fruits and honey, for example. Dextrose is obtained from starches such as maize starch, which is split into its individual molecules with the help of enzymes.

Dextrose goes straight into the blood
When we consume dextrose, it does not need to be digested. Dextrose goes straight into the bloodstream and is therefore the “fastest carbohydrate”! It is identical to the body’s own blood sugar and is transported to all cells and organs in the body, including the brain, via the blood. Dextro Energy is dextrose and thus delivers direct energy.

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