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Diane Cosgrove The Shilling Doctor complete and unabridged audiobook - 8 cassettes

  • Returning to her home town in Fife in 1921 as a newly qualified doctor is hardly the triumph Jeannie Macdonald imagined. It soon becomes clear that many of her patients are reluctant to place themselves in the care of woman, however well trained. Unable to find a position in a surgery and responsible for the upkeep of the Macdonald family home, Jeannie has little option but to accept a post in a clinic in the city s slums. Jeannie is appalled by the conditions in which many of her new patients live and begins a campaign to educate and improve the lives of the women who visit her. Yet good intentions are no match for experience and the clinic is plagued by tragedy. When a scandal breaks, Jeannie is in the eye of the storm. Outcast from polite society and shunned by her own family, two different men offer Jeannie a chance of redemption. Angus, the widower of a childhood friend, could provide Jeannie with a secure, comfortable future and a path back to social acceptance. Ross has the means to improve conditions for Jeannie s patients and the clinic itself, but at a price... With the warmth and passion that characterises the very best in saga writing, this compelling story of love and ambition is the second novel from Diane Cosgrove.

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