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Diva‘s For Women Functional Drink Coenzyme Q10 - 250ml

  • Diva‘s For Women Functional Drink Coenzyme Q10. Functional Drink COENZYME Q10 is a carbonated non-alcoholic functional drink without taurine from spring water with natural flavour grapefruit and hibiscus. Contains sugars and sweetener, with added vitamins and Coenzyme Q10.

Product Description

Energy gives you coenzyme Q10, natural caffeine and guarana and ginkgo extract. Our products have natural ingredients, high in vitamins, minerals and other added benefits developed specifically for women and their needs. They are low-calorie soft drink sweetened with Stevia without any added preservatives.

MAIN BENEFITS: Formulated especially for women From spring water COENZYME Q10 is needed for basic cell function. Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant that is made in the human body. Niacin contributes to the proper function of the psyche and to maintain a healthy skin Pantothenic acid contributes to proper metabolism, important for the production of energy Contains twice as many vitamins as any competitive product in the market therefore under the food legislation we can state "High in Vitamins". Contain increased amount of natural caffeine, pasteurised Functional drinks are products that complementing substances in the human body which are lost after 20 years of age (COENZYME Q10, COLLAGEN- ACTIVE MARINE) This product is not a classic energy drink. Contains natural green coffee beans which have antioxidant properties and gives you natural energy Low calories (naturally sweetened with stevia basis) Absolutely natural, without any chemicals or preservatives Natural flavours grapefruit and hibiscus. No colorants.

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