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Dome Wax Heater 0.5 Litre Student Edition - 0.5 Litre

  • The 0.5 Litre Dome Heater is a professional heater which can also be used once students are qualified
  • Spatulas (100) & x 1 pack of Natural Cotton Waxing Strips (100) Guidelines The heater & contents of this starter kit are for use during the traditional spatula method of depilatory waxing
  • With this special value kit you will save 16.45 than if you were to purchase the heater and these products seperately
  • Specification The following Options by Hive products are included: x 1 Paraffin Wax 350g & x 1 Paraffin Brush x 1 Pre Wax Cleansing Spray 400ml & x 1 After Wax Lotion 400ml x 1 box of Disp
  • Contains all essential products for you to begin depilatory waxing
  • Advantageous price saving
  • Standard size jars can be directly inserted into this heater
  • Kit includes hot wax & paraffin wax
  • This Warm Honey Wax 0.5 Litre (500cc) Starter Kit contains depilatory warm wax hot wax and paraffin wax making this the perfect solution for students wanting to practice each technique
  • Care Instructions Please see individual items for their care instructions.
  • Key Features 0.5 litre heater & ready assembled pack of waxing products
  • Perfect for students and for practising away from college
  • Quick & easy method of purchasing your heater & waxing products


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