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Donjoy Armor With Fourcepoint - Left Large

  • This knee brace lets you perform at your highest level
  • The Donjoy Armor with Forcepoint combines the strongest functional brace with new hinge technology
  • Features and Benefits - Enhanced Four-Points-of-Leverage - Adjustable resistance offered in 25-0, 35-10 and 45-20 degrees - Gradual soft stop to extension - Flexion-extension control - 7 Sizes - Mouldable, medial swooping frame for custom fit - Strong 6061 T6 aircraft aluminium frame - 1 year warranty on the frame and the hinge - Standard anti-migration Supra Condylar Pad - Swivelling strap tabs - 6 months warrantee on soft goods - Silver Vein coloured frame Sizing: bend the knees slightly so you are in the shushing position (going really fast downhill!) and then measure around your thigh 15cm up from the middle point of your kneecap
  • The 4-points-of-leverage means that the brace touches your leg in four places, front and back of the thigh and front and back of the shin/calf
  • These are often damaged when stopping or pivoting suddenly, the lower leg stays planted where it is while the upper leg continues to move forwards with momentum
  • Using these points of contact as a lever the hinge can take away most of the stresses and strains normally placed on the knee joint, and more specifically on the Cruciate Ligaments (the ACL, Anterior (meaning front) and PCL, Posterior (meaning back))
  • The Forcepoint hinge itself is a new development from Donjoy as it has adjustable resistance and when you extend you knee there is no jerky stopping when you reach straight, the hinge itself will give you a soft stop
  • the shin stays still and the thigh moves forwards, therefore stretching the ligaments trying to hold them together
  • The Donjoy Armor Knee Brace is ideal for patients with moderate to severe ACL instabilities, after ACL reconstructions, ACL deficiencies, hyperextension and for preventative use
  • Fitting is free and highly recommended when buying any knee brace
  • The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) attaches from the inside of your thigh bone, diagonally across to the outside of your shin (goes from front to back) the Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL) is the one on the opposite side, inside of thigh crossing to the outside of the shin (back to front), both preventing your lower leg from sliding forwards
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  • Please note this item is shipped directly from the manufacturer to you, usually on a next day service
  • Any problems please contact us.
  • Please call 01522 875252 to visit our fitting centre, so we can make sure the brace fits correctly
  • Click here for Fitting Centre Information The Armor with Forcepoint is specifically designed with the winter sportsperson in mind as it will comfortably fit a person wearing ski or snowboarding boots


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