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Dormer A108 Jobber Drill Split Point for Stainless Steel 6.50mm OL:101mm WL:63mm

Product Description

  • Dormer A108 HSS Quick Spiral Drills with a high helix drill to aid swarf evacuation, ideal for drilling Austenitic stainless steel.

    Flute Geometry: Quick Helix, Right hand spiral.
    Point Angle: 135° , up to 1.5mm,
    : 135° Split Point, 1.6mm, 1/16 and above.
    Surface Treatment: Blue.
    Material: High Speed Steel.

    Manufactured to DIN 338 RW / BS328 / ISO 235.

    Tip diameter: 6.50mm.
    Working length: 63mm.
    Overall length: 101mm

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