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Dormer F300 HSS Circular Split Dies Metric Coarse 10.0 x 1.50 1 5/16 Od

Product Description

  • Because the die has a split it can be adjusted slightly to provide a thread slightly smaller or larger than the norm.

    Metric Coarse Adjustable Dies.

    Application: For production of external threads less than three times diameter in length.

    Also available in MF, UNC, G(BSPF) thread forms.

    Tolerance: 6g Adjustable.
    Chamfer Lead: Two Threads.
    Surface treatment: Bright.
    Material: HSS - High Speed Steel.


    Thread: 10mm x 1.50.
    Diameter: 1 5/16 in.

  • Dormer circular split dies can be used by hand or machine

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