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    • Dove Rich Nourishment Cream - 150ml

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    • Dove Rich Nourishment Cream combines nourishing ingredients and a generous blend of active moisturizers to provide rich care from head to toe.Dove Rich Nourishment Cream - your all-rounder for soft and cared for skin.


  • At Dove we believe the key to healthy, beautiful skin is everyday moisturisation.
    With ¼ moisturising cream at the heart of the Dove product range, maintaining and flaunting your natural beauty is simple. Replacing the moisture that your skin loses every day works wonders to give you a healthy, gorgeous glow day in, day out.

    Every day moisturisation brings beautiful results:

    - Radiant Skin
    - Softer, smoother skin
    - A reduced appearance of wrinkles
    - Healthier skin
    - And ultimately, happy skin!

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