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Dr Browns Microwave Steriliser + 2 x 240ml Bottles

  • Dr Brown's Microwave Steriliser + 2 x 240ml Bottles

Product Description

Dr. Brown's Steriliser is uniquely suited to fit Dr. Brown's baby bottles and accessories. It sterilises Dr Brown's Natural Flow bottles & accessories effectively killing all household bacteria ensuring your baby is only feeding from bottles that are germ-free. The steam heat effectively kills all household bacteria. The steriliser fits up to 4 standard or 4 wide-neck Dr. Brown's baby bottles and is dishwasher safe. Its custom moulded tray holds 4 Dr Brown's Natural flow bottles and components. It also includes 2 x 240ml bottles & a pair of tongs. Bonus bottles included free: 2 x 240ml wide neck baby bottles Sterilizes up to 4 bottles Holds standard or wide neck bottles Dishwasher safe Uses tap water Includes plastic tongs Fits most baby bottle brands BPA-free



Fits 4 standard or 4 wide neck Dr Browns baby bottles
Fits most baby Bottle brands
Effectively helps to kill household bacteria
BPA free
Includes 2 x 240ml Wide Neck Baby Bottles

Sterilising Times
5 Minutes (1000 1100W)
6 Minutes (800 900W)
8 Minutes (500 700W)

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