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Dr Gaye Super-Shake

  • Dr Gaye Super-Shake is the ultimate morning health shake, packed with a combination of some of the highest potency minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients. 100% Raw & Organic - Gluten Free - Sugar Free - Dairy Free - Suitable for Vegetarians

Product Description

Dr Gaye Super-Shake is the ultimate morning health shake, packed with a combination of some of the highest potency minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients that you need to kick start your metabolism and set yourself up for the day. This product is a 20 day supply of health shake and your daily serving costs much less than the price of a cup of coffee.


Flaxseed: Spirulina: Chlorella: Bee Pollen: Maca: Cacao: Lucuma: Camu Camu: Seagreens®:

Nutrition Information

Dr Gaye Super-Shake is a healthy breakfast shake, mainly because it has naturally occurring boosters like caffeine (found in the raw cacao) in the mix; the best time to drink Dr Gaye Super-Shake is during the morning. You just add water, we’ve done the rest. This is not a meal replacement; it’s a complete meal of food-grade multi-vitamins in a glass! It has so many naturally occurring vitamins, minerals and micro-nutrients, which are all bio-available (that means, really easy for the body to absorb and use) that all your daily requirements are met. When combined with other meals of fresh food during the rest of the day, this nutritional shake has even greater effects on the mind and the body and re-balances the system. This combination of high potency super foods means less is more and one glass is an elixir for the body. The usual fitness shakes and smoothies, powdered or ready-made, usually incorporate one or more of the following cheap fillers: milk proteins such as whey, chemically derived protein powders, GM soya, soy protein, pea protein, re-constituted ingredients and pasteurisation (no matter how ‘gentle’ it claims to be – it’s a big heating and preserving process). These all change the availability of the vitamins, how readily you absorb any goodness in the food itself and some of the ingredients are actually de-natured and bad for you. In fact, sometimes the added minerals and supposed benefits make your body work so hard, that the benefits never actually happen and your body becomes stressed, which then creates other health issues, weight gain and digestive problems. These nutritional shakes are designed to provide you with the most nutrient dense meal, prepared in the fastest time, which you can drink on the go and feel really, really good about. Add your favourite fruit to this organic, dairy-free, gluten free, 100% raw, natural health shake and for less than the price of a cup of coffee (from your favourite high street coffee shop) you will get more than your daily allowance of every vitamin and mineral from A-Z. As you include this in your daily diet, you are likely to experience revitalised health, vitality, clearer skin, less mood swings, happier thoughts, improved bowel function and weight loss. We’ve noticed that the more often you have Dr Gaye Super-Shake for breakfast, the less likely you might be to crave a naughty something later on in the day. This isn’t an excuse to eat badly, but we know you’re only human!


1. Before going to bed (or sometime in the evening), put 25g (approx. 2 tablespoons) of super-shake into 250ml of water (or just less than half a pint) and put into the fridge overnight 2. Allow your healthy shake to soak; between 6-12 hours 3. Take the soaked shake from the fridge and tip into a blender, at this stage if required you can add any additional non citrus fruits or soaked dried fruits of your choice (bananas, peaches, berries, dates, figs all work well) 4. Blend shake until creamy and smooth 5. Tip your health shake into a glass and drink 6. For best results, chew each gulp to assimilate the benefits and to fill you up for longer 7. If you find this nutritional shake a little thick or runny you can add or reduce the amount of water

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